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Reasons Why To Hire A Proposal Planner

 They bring expertise and abundance of ideas

Proposals are a once in a life time experience for most, and having specialist planners on board can help you explore different ideas that may be ‘outside the box’, and help you land on a proposal that’s perfect for you and your partner. Specialist planners have a lot of experience in making that moment extra special, they can suggest ways to personalise and tailor your proposal to ensure the experience is unique to you and your partner – it’s the little touches you may not otherwise think of which will make a world of difference and bring your proposal to life!


They have knowledge of, and access to locations

Whether you would like to propose indoors or outdoors, in public or in private, proposal planners will have a back book of locations to suit your ideal proposal, even some hidden gems which are known to few. Planners also have a lot of contacts. Found that perfect venue but cannot get a booking? You can rest assured that your proposal planner most likely already have the right contacts to make it happen. Did you know some public spaces require a licence for set ups? Your planners can advise which public area require a licence and secure this for you to avoid any interruption by the park police during the proposal.


They offer a range of suppliers

As mentioned before, planners have A LOT of contacts, and that does not stop at venues. Apart from photographers, videographers and musicians, planners will also have contacts to create a distinctive proposal. For example, they can arrange a private chief with a portable cooking station, a magician to ‘magic up’ a ring, a short film to be made to tell your story together, or a stand-up comedian to tell subtle jokes relating to you and your partner leading up to your proposal, and the list goes on… The bottom line, is whatever it is you would like, your planner can arrange for you in less than no time.

They can help create the perfect proposal to suit your budget

As many will not have planned a proposal before, it can be difficult to know how much to budget. Your proposal planner can walk you through different options and price points on venues and suppliers. If you have a budget in mind, your proposal planner can help you decide on the most suitable venue to create a proposal which suits the style and personality of you and your partner, within your budget. They can also suggest alternatives to bring the same (or more) impact, which could cost less to create, allowing you to spend the budget elsewhere.

They will take care of execution so you can focus on popping the question

Like any events, a proposal has many moving parts which need to happen at the right time to create the picture-perfect moment. On the day of your proposal, your partner may need extra time to get ready, you may be stuck in traffic, or you may be super organised and run ahead of time. Your proposal planner will manage all of the suppliers’ and venue timings, and adjust to any changes on the day to ensure everything is in place for your proposal, whether you’re running ahead or behind schedule. Not having to worry about logistics will keep your mind at ease, and help to maintain composure leading up to popping the most important question in your life – you want to be as stress free as possible, so you are fully present and take in the life-changing moment!

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