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Paris Proposal Idea - Ultimate Guide to a Paris Proposal

Are you thinking of surprising your loved one to a special trip to Paris? Why not pop the question in the city of Love?

The City of Love

What better city to propose to your forever love than in the city of love itself – Paris. With the ease of Eurostar, you can take your partner on a surprise day trip, and make popping the question even more memorable. We planned exactly this for one of our clients, let’s call him George.

Outbound Eurostar

George took his girlfiend on a “spontaneous” trip to Pairs, they boarded the 08:01 Eurostar from London St Pancras International, arriving at Paris Gard du Nord at 11:20, which is great timing for so Parisian lunch.

Romantic Journey through Paris

After lunch they went to the must-see Eiffel Tower to start their Romantic stroll across Paris; with some coffee stops along the way, they visited The Arc de Triomphe, did some shopping on Champs-E’ysees, enjoyed the peace and quiet of The Jardin de Tuileries, and lastly took some pictures with The Lourve before making their way to the “Dinner” George has pre-booked.

“Dinner” was booked for 18:00, our team had secretly decorated the proposal venue in advance, in readiness for their arrival. The proposal was set at a private balcony, overlooking The Eiffel Tower. We had arranged for a photographer and videographer to capture the once-in-a-lifetime moment, and all reactions as the surprised is revealed. George also opted for a violinist to serenade his and his partner’s favourite song during the proposal to make it extra special.

The Proposal

George’s partner was thoroughly surprised when they walked onto the balcony with a Marry Me sign, a sea of candles, personalised messages and photos, rose petals, roses – an all-round romantic décor. George got down on one knee, and popped the question with the glistening Eiffel Tower as a backdrop. This is a beautifully completes their journey through Paris, ending with The Eiffel Tower where they started the day. The newly engaged couple soaked in the moment, taking pictures to create lifetime memories. George and his fiancé then celebrated with a romantic dinner arranged by our team.

Inbound Eurostar

With wonderful memories, they headed for Gard du Nord to board the 21:13, arriving into London St Pancras International 22:30, with new titles and a heavier hand (for George’s fiancé). This will for sure be a day trip they’ll never forget!

Want to propose in Paris? Contact our Proposal Planners who would be delighted to help you plan you special proposal in Paris.

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