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London’s Top 6 Most Romantic Proposal Ideas - 2024

Choosing a romantic proposal idea can be daunting, and the dilemma of when, how and where to propose is one which is grappled by all looking to say those 4 lifechanging words “will you marry me”. To help make things easier, whether you are a local Londoner or visiting the city, we have pulled together the 6 most romantic proposal ideas.


1. Propose at the Luxurious Shangri-la Shard

Being the tallest building in London and Western Europe, the Shangri-la Shard offers one of (if not the) best view over London with captivating views of the London skyline. Capture a breath-taking sunset and watch the City of London light up for an evening proposal. Whether you choose to propose in one of the intimate hotel rooms, enchanting dining rooms or private skyline proposal spaces, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Tip: When proposing in one of the hotel rooms, choose a ‘city view room’ and experience proposing looking west over London Bridge, St Pauls and the London Eye or east overlooking the City and Tower Bridge. Decorate lavishly or intimately for a beautiful proposal. Choose to propose during the holiday seasons, for example, during the Christmas period to take advantage of the hotel’s festive decorations, making it a Christmas to remember.

2. Fitzrovia Chapel

Built in 1891-92, the hidden London Chapel is truly a gem with beautiful stained-glass windows. Situated beside London Mayfair, the Chapel offers one of the most intimate and romantic settings for your special evening with your loved one. This secluded location is a fantastic option when exploring London and casually “discovering” a historic chapel.

Tip: Make it stunning with florals and personal touches. As you walk down the Chapel have mounted photos on easels to show your journey together and decorate with a sea of candles and rose petals. Pictured below a recent proposal combining mounted photos, candles, petals and floral elements.

3. Surprise Proposal with Live Musicians

Walk down the busy streets of London, and stroll into a secluded courtyard a stone’s throw away from Buckingham Palace. Live musicians will appear and start playing as you walk through, signalling your cue to pop the question. Propose beside a lovely water fountain and arrange a special meal straight after for an engagement celebration to make the evening extra special.

Tip: Work with photographers and videographers to secretly capture the surprise of your loved one’s reaction as they realise what is about to unfold.

4. Bandstands and Pergolas

Meander through London’s finest parks and find yourself a dreamy decorated pergola. Whether early in the morning or late evenings, each time of day offers its own charm. When planning at a private bandstand/pergola proposal, time your proposal with a backdrop of fireworks or pyro sparklers for something more impressive as your loved one says ‘Yes’.

Tip: The Hampstead Heath Pergola, and its Georgian Arbour and Terrace in the Hill Garden, offers a truly spectacular and romantic scenery. Continue your day with a photoshoot with the garden surrounding and create a photobook which you can look back on, in years to come. Battersea Bandstand is another special location.

5. Spell it out with Large Marry Me Letters

Shout out ‘I Love You’ with spectacular life-size Marry Me letters. Whether arranged indoors or outdoors, these offer an unexpected surprise. Gather intimately with only your partner, or invite close friends and family to join the celebrations.

The bold light up letters are magnificent and provide a great setting for a bold proposal.

Tip: Combine with a beautiful view to make it breath-taking and extra memorable.

6. Organise a Flash Mob Proposal

Coordinate and choreograph a flash mob proposal at your favourite spot in London. Whether somewhere busy such as Covent Garden or somewhere more hidden, a Flash Mob Proposal is perfect to distract your partner as you mentally get yourself ready, whilst they witness an energetic street performance. As you and your partner watch on, the dancers will invite you to join them where you both will become the stars of the show. Transition music to something more romantic as you get down on one knee and pop the question.

Tip: Make a list of their favourite songs to include and practice dance moves to impress your love one.

Whichever proposal idea you choose, make it unforgettable. We hope our top 6 most romantic proposal ideas guide you in planning your special day. Feel free to reach out and one of our proposal planners will happily arrange your romantic proposal.

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